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Property services for landlords

As specialists in assisting self-management landlords we help with referencing a tenant to check-in, check-out, property inspection, writing letters about breach of tenancy and much more. No matter what your requirements, we offer reliable assistance. We also offer our services to landlords at an hourly rate, on a time-sheet basis. We invoice on a monthly basis, depending on the works completed giving you total control of the finances. Make use of our services in Wokingham and across Berkshire.

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A wide range of professional services

We specialise with self-manage landlords, as we can provide letting services on an ad hoc basis. Take advantage of the packages we offer to all landlords. From rent collection to property management, property inspection, marketing, landlord insurance, rent guarantee policy and the submission of non-resident landlord receipts to HMRC we can do it all. Based in Wokingham we extend our services across Berkshire.

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If you have any queries about our fees, please speak with Helen Church.

Our property services

Our property services include:

  • Property leasing
  • Property inventories
  • Property rent reviews
  • Accompanied property viewings
  • Energy performance certificates and much more

Our other services

A few of the other services we offer include domestic energy assessments, home staging, tenant referencing, property rent reviews, property leasing and much more. Meet our highly experienced and qualified team today. In the event that you need relevant legal assistance, we will help by putting you in contact with the right people.

If you prefer to not pay an agent the general monthly fee why not opt for self-management and contact us for assistance when required?

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